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Welcome to Wave Web Solutions, We are an entrepreneur based web development and digital solutions company.  We are excited to begin working with you for all of your digital needs!


HTMS and CSS are the building blocks of the majority of websites.  I am very proficient at writing code that is systematic and readable as well as displayed in a way that can be updated easily as needed.


A beautiful website is just that, pretty, without adding some functionality to it.  Javascript is where we put functionality into the web page where the user can actually interact with the page.  Javascript is used on the majority of websites for a reason it is reliable and well suited for web sites.


Python is a big up and comer on both the front end as well as the back end.  With the help of Flask and Django we can make web applications that are a seamless transition using only one language.  While Python is typically a back end language more recently it is being used on the front end and able to connect APIs, email support, newer AI models and ML, as well as being very scalable too.


WordPress is used primarially for small business pages where lots of updates or changes are needed in order to reduc cost for the company and still make a very stylish web site.

Javascript, Node.js, express.js

Using javascript in combination with Node.js and Express.js we can link our websites to the server side and have fully finished product that is able to store our user data as needed to be recalled at a later date.  These systems work well with our traditional Javascript websites in that the language used in both the Front End and the Back End is still Javascript, with a little bit of syntext tweeking mostly.


As mentioned in the Front End Python is a wonderful tool for the back end that reads very simply when compared to many other languages.  Using Django and Flask we can create fully finished applications and websites for our clients.  Back End applications of Python are endless and work very well with all opperating systems.


The current trend is that PHP programing is on the downward trend, however it is not dead yet.  So many systems still use PHP for the back end of the system that knowing it is a crucial role for most developers in today’s market.  PHP is sometime thought of as wordpress but many other systems use the language such as Joomal, Drupal and several others as well as big companies using this type of system like Etsy and wikipedia.  The language itself is not my favorite however it does have its place when used correctly and shouldn’t go without mention here.

Tech Support

Bug Fixes and Updates

Websites occasionally have things go wrong, wheather it is a missed update or a new version of the code needing a rewrite we are able to help solve these issues and keep a site up and running.  We have many tools to help diagnose a problem as well as connections if it is outside of the skills we offer.

Site Speed and SEO

Websites need to be fast, This day and time people are not likely to wait on things to load.  Rather than loose buisiness we would like to help make the site faster.  SEO, Search Engine Optimization, deals with site speed to a degree but also in making connections and help rank for a better spot when the website is searched for.

Updates, Changes, and Hourly Work

We are always open to things that fall outside of the normal areas of a website.  It could be logo design, branding, marketing or a wide range of other areas.  We offer rates for these areas too but listing everything possible could be a bit cluttered.

Animated Website Template design

Animated Website Template


Dog Training Blog Site

Navigation template

Animated Navigation Page

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Splash page with Figma

Code thinking

Light & Dark Mode Page

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Github page for more

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Thank you for your time and consideration in working with Wave Web Solution.  If you have any further questions we encourage you to ask.  We strive to meet as many of our customers digital needs as possible and have many connections if we are not the right fit for the job.

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