Welcome to Wave Design, an affordable professional website design and marketing company.

Wave Design is a professional company interested in not only making quality websites for our customers but also in helping our customers to understand features of their website such as functionality, marketing, security and information placement.  With that goal in mind we strive to make the perfect website to reach the perfect audience for each business we represent.  Our work is design oriented but incorporates a lot of marketing and strategy to set us apart from other website companies and help your company grow and reach the ideal target market as much as we can.


Website Design

Web site design is the very basics of what Wave Design offers.  Nearly anyone can create a website for minimal cost however the time and effort that Wave Design places into a website for our clients includes much more than a simple website.  Wave Design will help you understand your website along with marketing static incomes and analytics to help you gain new customers regularly as well as keep your site secure and looking much more professional than your competition.

Website Marketing

New websites are targeted to the correct audience for the ideal clientele.  Marketing research will be done in advance as part of your new website package. 

Branding & Logo

Wave web will work with you to create a professional logo and brand your company in a way that is appealing and professional.  If a logo and design already exists we will incorporate the logo into your professionally built website and blend company colors into design work.

SEO & Analytics

In order to tell if a website is working properly there are two main factors SEO and analytics.  SEO is the ability for a website to rank highly when searched for by customers or potential clients in search engines.  Analytics is the ability for the owner of the website to see this in action with reports of clients visiting your pages along with detailed reports of visitors.


Wave Design has a lot of background in the pet industry services with over 15 years of experience.  Over the years we have studied how to attract the correct clientele for your pet related business.  Wave Design is capable and willing to create a website for nearly anything however we do specialize in our services using our talents and experience to the best of our abilities.

Lead Generation

With the correct set up on your new site Wave Design will work on the back end of what we have created to help generate new leads with e-mail marketing, blogs, forms and many other options to help grow your business.

Maintenance & Updates

With Wave Design business plan at the end of all website designs there will be a tutorial of the website and functionality so that our clients can make minor changes and add material as needed.  This will reduce cost of maintenance to the customer for minor updates.

“Brandons professionalism is unmatched in every project he undertakes. His expertise and honed skills are beyond amazing, very innovative, grasps ideas quickly, putting those ideas into action and vision for his clients, but most importantly he is and always has been a man of integrity and loyalty to his family, friends and customers alike. Reach out to him today for your website design, logo design and so much more, you will not be disappointed.”

Ralph Densmore

Hello! I’m Brandon, I’m a professional designer with years of entrepreneur experience.

I have been an entrepreneur for many years and it is a driving passion of mine to understand my customers, their desires, needs, and build my company goals around these factors.  I want to take the skills I have learned as an entrepreneur and put them to work for you in a new professional website.  Let’s take the next steps together in finding the ideal customers together to help grow your business for a better future.


  • Entrepreneur.
  • Business owner.
  • Website designer.
  • Pet industry knowledge.
  • Marketing specialist.


  • Professional college courses.
  • Hands on training
  • Self taught courses.

What we seek

  • Professional outlook.
  • Business minded.
  • Financially knowledgable.
  • Desire to reach more customers.
  • Desire to understand clients.
  • Connection to social media.

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