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Wave Design is an affordable professional website development company focusing on marketing along with professional design.  Wave design strives to help our customers understand and better utelize the digital tools for marketing and lead generation as well as creating outstanding websites with content targeted at the ideal clients for our customers.

Professional Website Design With Business Owners In Mind

Let Wave design not only design a website for your company but show you how to utelize this powerful tool to grow your company to its full potential.

Affordable Prices

Wave Design strives to keep our prices at affordable levels while at the same time offering quality work that we can be proud of for our clients and that will generate real traffic.


Straight Forward Approach

Wave design understands the overwhelming amount of data available for business owners and we strive to help you better understand how to meet your needs and desires in a new or redesigned website.

Professional Business

With many years of experience in several entrepreneurial fields Wave Design understands the mindset and concepts that drive business professionals and strives to meet the needs of your company.

Prompt Services and Support

Wave Design is available to help our clients any time we are needed.  We strive to fix any issues that may arise and help our clients to minimize future issues.

Hello! I’m Brandon, I’m a professional designer with years of entrepreneur experience.

I’m Brandon on Left my wife Rebekah on right.  I have been an entrepreneur for many years and it is a driving passion of mine to understand my customers, their desires, needs, and build my company goals around these factors.  I want to take the skills I have learned as an entrepreneur and put them to work for you in a new professional website.  Let’s take the next steps together in finding the ideal customers together to help grow your business for a better future.

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What is a responsive website?

What is a responsive website?

Responsive Website If you are looking at purchasing a website at all you have more than likely heard the term responsive website or website responsiveness a lot.  What does this mean and how does it affect you? these are most likely the main questions you have about...

7 Reasons to Blog

7 Reasons to Blog

The basics, What is Bloging? Bloging is simply a way for you to put information available to the public.  This does not have to be in depth information or even important but it is very helpful to a business.  Blogging is a newer phenomenon that has crept up in the...

Why do I need a website?

Why do I need a website?

Everyone asked the question, why do I need a full website when I already have so many other options like Facebook Twitter and social media accounts? While there is no short answer the most direct point would be lead generation and increased revenue. Let’s face it no...

Top 5 Digital Markets For Pet Industry

Top 5 Digital Markets For Pet Industry

Digital marketing is the biggest marketing giant around and for good reason, with this many people spending hours on their phones, computer and other screens its a no brainer to advertise through the most popular media of the time. Pet related fields are an...

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