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Services Offered

Wave design takes pride in understanding your business in order to best help you have a website that reflects the image and desire of the company.


We will incorporate style and design both into each website to best connect the company to the website and beyond.

Web Design

Websites should be eye catching, connect well on all platforms, and have the correct info about the company they represent.

Search Engine Optimization

Wave design uses a variety of tools to not only make sure websites appear correctly on search engines but also have optimal rankings on search engines.

Specialized Focus

Wave design can create a website for any type of business however we do specialize in animal related fields.  With over 15 years of experience working with animals and owners we are uniquely suited to help these businesses grow.

Owner website classes

Once Wave Design has built your new website we would like to give you some classes to help you understand your new site and make minor changes as you see fit.  It is your site after all.

Business Research

Wave design does not go into business with new clients half heartedly.  Our first step is to learn all we can about your business and goals.  We send a new customer form to every new customer before we begin work.


Wave design will assist our customers in creating outstanding logo and branding material to incorporate into your new website.  If your company already has a logo and branding design ideas Wave Design will happily incorporate your existing information into your new website.


Search Engine Optimization is in many ways exactly what it sounds like in order to make a website stand out better for search engines but in other aspects it is so much more.  Wave design will happily show you how to use this very powerful tool.

Social Media Integration

Social media is needed in the marketing for today’s market for sure, however if you have used it as your sole business platform it has probably been found lacking.  The addition of a professional website to link your social media of facebook, twitter, Linked In, and many more allows you to target the correct client for your desires.

Affiliation and Ads

Depending on your needs and desire for your company adding affiliate links to your website may be a wonderful way to generate more income for your company.  Affiliate links allow your customers to link into companies you recommend for the purchase of goods and services while your website/company earns the comission from the new customer that was recommended.  As businesses we all tend to make more money and gain more customers if we all work together rather than separate.

Blog posts

Depending on your company’s needs the ability to blog/vlog post on your website can be invaluable if you company is changing rapidly or has new products available at certain times.  Blog posts will allow your customers to view up to date real time information about your company as you post it for them to see.

Professional Website VS Specalized Website

Professional Website

Wave Design does strive to make each website we create with the best style, focus, and professionalism that we are capable of.  Our websites are made with a goal in mind of lead generation.  In order for our customers to grow and be proffitable they need to have enough customers to choose from which will allow them to pick the best customers for their business.  As a business owner many of us know that not every customer is right for every business however no lead should be discredited until it is explored.  This is our main goal for your business we hope you agree.

Specalized Website

Wave Design owners have over 15 years experience in the pet industry and related fields.  With this in mind we have chosen to make pet related businesses our specalization of our website design.  With the pet industry being a mulit billion dollar a year business let us help you reach your targeted goals for your business.  Wave Design will use our experience and expertise in knowing the uniqueness of the pet customers, or pet parents to help you target the right demographic to grow your business.  We know and understand that the customers are plentiful in that over halp of all households have a pet.  We also have the experience to know and understand the mindset of these owners to help draw them to your business.

Work with a Professional and Talented Designer!

At Wave design we are passionate about bettering companies in marketing and design in order to reach more customers as well as better customers.  Business growth is our goal for our customers.  We want to put our talents to work for you designing the best possible site for your company.

Wave Design Team

Quality professionals working to create stunning websites at affordable prices.

Rebekah is a graduate of American Public University with a bachelor’s in business management and runs the business side of Wave Design.

Rebekah Whaley

Business Manager, Wave Design

Brandon is theowner and lead designer dedicated to helping businesses of all types and sizes to reach more clients, brand correctly and professionally, and market to the perfect clientele. Business can always use more clients but more importantly the correct clients.

Brandon Waley

CEO, Wave Design

Our Trademarked 
Process & Workflow.

Wave Design differs from out competitors in website design in that we communicate with our customers ever step of the way.  Wave Design will first send your company a new customer questionnaire to full out so we can know what your company is looking for and understand your company better.   Wave Design does not want to simply have a rough idea of what your company needs and place it together but would rather strive to reach your exact goal the first time.

Wave Design we have a loads of experience in a wide arrange of fields from pet industry to healthcare and so much more including home based businesses and service based business as well.  Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you in designing a beautiful site that will reach the exact right customers needed to grow your business.  Wave Design strives to go beyond just a website for your company but rather a lead generating business helping you place your ads on social media, google, and many other large platforms for greater visibility and more leads.

Project Research

Hours of work Wave Design will put into your project learning exactly what you desire and expect as well as what customers you would like to reach.


Blueprint of the design process beginning stages of rough information layout.


Taking your idea and our wire frame along with logos and information provided by your company to create a concise website.

Lead Generation

Wave Design understands that having a new flashy website is only part of the battle we will help put this new tool to work for you by helping to set your new website up on marketing platforms to start growing business quickly.

Our Latest Projects

Coming soon, portfolio page.