Services and Expectations

Wave Design can help with all your web development needs and surpass your expectations.

Websites are a wonderful tool in the market we live in today.  No one be it individual or company wants a website that looks less like a professional site and more like an after thought.  Websites are where a large number of customers get the first feel of a business so they need to convey a message within seconds.  Wave design is equipped to help you gain that instant customer interest and build on it to obtain your goal from reader lists to sales and much more.

Hourly Help

For our clients that have more specialized needs such as minor modifications and changes needed to an already existing website we offer a competitive rate designed to help our clients at an affordable price.

New Website

Fully functional and responsive websites built to work on every platform from desk top to smart phone.  Websites can range from a simple landing pate to a fully automated store with e-commerce built in.


If your website is beyond a simple fix at times it beneficial to look at a whole new rebuild. This can be done with existing domain name and website information and even keep some of the original content if needed or a complete do over.


In today’s world just having a website typically isn’t enough no matter how flashy or well done it is.  Wave Design will assist in integrating your website with social media, blogs, video channels, and news to help better the response your website receives.


Expectations well discussed

Wave Design strives to meet our customer’s expectations and surpass them when possible.  At every turn of your contract we strive to connect with you and solidify the goal for your development work.  While this does ad to the work load of Wave Design it will not affect your cost at all.

Skilled Services

Wave Design is a highly skilled company for web development able to handle many different tasks from HTML/CSS to server related issues and back end development and much more.  As a full stack development company you are gaining the expertise of understanding all aspects of web development rather than just the visual or just the unseen side of the industry.

24 Hour Support

Wave design strives to answer any questions as soon as possible and resolve any issues with the upmost speed for our clients.  Wave Design is available day or night to help with issues that have caused a site crash or malfunction and will work to expediently solve any less critical issues in a very timely manner.

Build Something Made For Your Company

Don’t settle for something that looks out of the box or competed at home in the course of a weekend.  Choose something that will make a real difference in how your company is received by new customers with a well designed site that has the highest possible SEO to reach as many people as possible.  Wave design will work in the back end of your website to optimize your website goals for your company.