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At Wave Web Solutions we strive to have price points for a wide range of budgets.  While the price varies depending on the level of skill involved in creating your new site we put just as much attention to detail and professionalism into everything we create.

Developing Style

Building with you in mind!

When it comes to building a new website or redesigning an existing one we want your input.  We have several checkpoints along the way to make sure your new product is exactly what you want and not have you settle for something less than ideal.  Every new customer gets an orientation packet for us to learn about your company from you, the owner, in your own words.  We want to take what you wish for your company to represent and make it into a beautiful website.

Planning, Layout

The beginings of your new website, logo, or advert.  This is done with minimal detail but has a basic layout and style to focus on for the work to be done.

Design, Build

This is where the building happens for your new product.  We break this down into phases, on average 4 for a full website but may be less for smaller projects.  At each phase we check in with the owner and look for important as well as minor updates to imporve the product.

Completion, Review

Once a project is completed and the hand off is made doesn’t mean we are finished.  We like to set up a time to check back on any new products and see how the results are working for our clients and any tweeks that need to be made.

Services and Prices

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Logo Design, Marketing

  • Logo Design                   starts at $250.00
  • Ad Design                       varies, size of porject
  • Landing Page                 starts at $500.00
  • Hourly Rates                   $30.00 per hour

Templated Website / Small Business

Templated websites vary from projects ranging from a single landing page to multi page sites with a wide range of options including: 

    Fully Coded projects / Team Builds

    Not all websites are created, designed, or built equal.  While some can be done in a relatively short amount of time others require many moving parts and a team of skilled workers to bring them to completion.  Working with a team of developers is wonderful and typicaly the pricing is per hour we are always open to larger scale projects.  Contact us Today!

    Bug Fixes / Updates

    Lots of things can happen with technology and every problem has some level of uniqueness to it.  From security issues to a simple out of date look and/or feel to a website.  Every problem has a solution but given the wide range of potential issues these are priced on a case by case instance.  Wave Web Solution has a standard hourly rate of $30.00 per hour, however we do not charge until we first take a look at the issue briefly.


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    Thank you for your time and consideration in working with Wave Web Solution.  If you have any further questions we encourage you to ask.  We strive to meet as many of our customers digital needs as possible and have many connections if we are not the right fit for the job.

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