Standard Payments Initial Payment

For standard payment option initial payment is 25%, this is the begining installment and work does not begin until this payment has been made

Second Installment

With Wave Deisgn standard payment plan the second installment is a total of 50% of the total bill.  This is payed once the bulk of the content has been placed in the website but prior to final design critique.

Final Installment

With our standard payment plan the final installment for Wave Design website is made after all material and design has been approved and published on the website.  Once the fineal payment is made a time will be determined for website adjustments and updates class so our customers can be able to update and minimally add information if they choose.

Monthly Initial Payment

Monthly payments may be split into weekly or monthly payments as the customer desires.  First payment is a minimum of $250, after this payment is made the work on your new website will begin.

Monthly payments

If payments are split into monthly payment the payments will be split into payments of $1000 each month until the website design fee is completed in full.

Weekly payments

Weekly payments are split into payments of $250 per week, adjustable for smaller fee websites as needed. We understand our customers needs for flexibility in payment options.

Military Discount

Wave Design would like to thank all of our military both active and retired for the service they have provided.  We proudly offer a 10% military discount, be sure to mention at the time of consultation.

Public Service Discount

Wave Design was founded by a former paramedic and firefighter of over 20 years, as such we would like to thank our underappreciated public service individuals with a 15% discount.  Be sure to mention when you contact us your history in public service this is extended to all Firefighter, Police officers, and EMS personel.

Church Discount

Wave Design is founded in faith and the church, as such we would love to give back to the churches that make our faith possible to better help them reach many more people with wonderful well designed websites as well as offering a considerable discount of 20%.  Let us know how we can help your church website.

24 Hour Support 

Wave design strives to answer any questions as soon as possible and resolve any issues with the upmost speed for our clients.  Websites are much more in depth than most people realize so we strive to be available at all times.

Build Something Made For Your Company

Don’t settle for something that looks out of the box or competed at home in the course of a weekend.  Choose something that will make a real difference in how your company is received by new customers with a well designed site that has the highest possible SEO to reach as many people as possible.  Wave design will work in the back end of your website to optimize your website goals for your company.