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Hi, I’m Brandon Whaley that’s my dog Ruger to the right, I have worked in the Pet industry for many years in one field or another.  Professional trainer since 2004, Kennel owner/manager, sales positions, k-9 nutritionist and many more over the course of the past 20 years or so.  Pets have always been a driving passion in my life and it is no different with this business endeavor.  Wave Design strives to set itself above the competition and one way we hope to accomplish this is to offer specialty areas where we can add more experience and knowledge into your new website project.  Use the skills you know is our philosophy so we are targeting and branding with other pet related fields in order to better business for ourselves and the customers we represent.


Pet related fields are challenged with reaching the correct customers for the business needs.  Over 50% of households have pets, possibly more since COVID and the shelters were nearly emptied, with this many options business should be straight forward.  Any kennel owner, groomer, or even veterinarian knows the reality is much different.  With an industry so fast it can be difficult to find the correct customers and convince these customers your business is the best option for them.  


Wave Design strives to not only create a website that is eye-catching and information rich about your company, we also strive to promote your business to the correct demographic.  Wave Design plans on doing this in two ways, one by making sure your new website is available to as many new views as possible but secondly by targeting the correct customers using demographic information, age, income and other variables to set up a profitable campaign for your company.  Wave Design has many years of experience with these exact types of customers so let us put this experience to work for you.


Grooming is a particular field where the type of client matters a lot.  The customer with a short hair friendly boxer is great from time to time but not very practical for sustained income.  Wave design will strive to brand your company with the correct wording and graphics to draw in the perfect recurring grooming clients that will utilize your tallents and creative desires to the fullest.

Boarding Kennel

In many ways a boarding kennel is a jack of all trades.  Most offer more than one service such as professional grooming, boarding, training and even Veterinarian in some cases.  With this in mind Wave Design will strive to structure your content into each section promoting each as a part of a whole while linking each to the next.  Wave Design will then make sure your new site is available on many different platforms to reach the highest number of clients possible.

Dog Training

Having been a professional trainer myself for over 17 years now I fully understand this field and how to promote it.  Training may have many aspects and lots of variables.  Training can be done at an individual’s home or at a facility, individual teaching or group classes, from food motivated puppy classes to personal protection and bite work.  With all this in mind Wave Design will strive to reach your target audience with the look and feel of your new site as well as branding and marketing too.


Veterinarian offices are much like a doctor office to most of their clients who view their animals like family.  In this aspect wave Design strives to promote and design these office websites much the same way, with aspects of medical knowledge but with a bit more friendly feel to them.  Warm caring and compassion is how we prefer to depict these offices along with promoting to as many people as we can.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

These two fields are vastly underrated in the pet industry.  Though they are growing in popularity so many people look at the the same way as the neighbor kid that mowes yards.  Wave Design would like to change that and give you a leg up on the competition promoting your services as professional and caring part of the pet industry.  For many people they would much rather have their pets relax at home while they are on vacation this is a service that should not be overlooked but needs the right promotion to reach a higher goal. 

Pet Boutique

Pet Boutique is a relatively new term catering to the higher end of pet industry.  This may be as simple as a pet boutique bakery offering nicer treats for your pet to a full boutique hotel where your pet can stay with the full amenities of home.  With these fields Wave Design will strive to do more targeted displays as well as more targeted marketing do draw in the correct customers.

Farm and Livestock

Wave Design is not without experience in the livestock field.  Growing up in a family that raised beef master cattle, and having loads of family members who raise everything from chickens to goats.  The farming industry has largely been word of mouth until more recent times.  Farmers all over are starting to realize the profitability of marketing to the more trendy crowds.  Organic anything sells in this day and age, more and more people want to know where their food comes from.  Wave design would be happy to help you reach this vastly untapped market of profits.  Wave Design has insight and creative thinking to help you promote previously unthought of potential to grow your business.  People today are looking for the information that is common for most farmers but has been lost on many people growing up in the city.  Farmers have struggled for so long to just get by and Wave Design would like to help market for you and your farm to reach a better way of life for you and your customers.

Exotic Pets

Wave Design has had experience in exotic pets as well.  This is a market that is a bit more narrow however is an ever growing population.  Exotic pets range from specialty breed such as savannah cat to the truely unique Capybara and everything in between such as reptiles, anphibians, and birds.  Websites are crucial to these communities in order to not only educate more people about the wonders these animals bring into every day life but also to network and grow, connecting with others from all over the country and world.  Wave Design will strive to make sure your information is heard and seen as much as possible.

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