Brandon Whaley

Javascript Developer

After 20 years working in Emrgency Medicine, it was time for a change.  I am now a self taught web developer with many hours of training and learning from some wonderful programs.  As a Javascript Developer I am able to tackle a wide variety of tasks in both front and back end of the developer landscape.  In this new venture I am bringing my problem solving skills and communications skills that I have developed in my previous career choice.  Believe me it takes both to manage any emergency situation.


A Wide Variety of Skills for an Array of Projects

While I am confident in my skills as a developer and I have worked hard to make these skills relavent and well practiced.  I am still willing to learn new skills and eager to do so, Development seems to be a never ending class of learning new practices and skills to better one’s self.


WordPress isn’t at the top of most developer lists due to the limitations but for freelance and small business it still reigns king in a lot of situations.


Javascript has been where I really learned how to code and why to code.  Trying to build something without code is limiting but with it your imagination can go anywhere and you have the freedom to build anything.


React has been a lot of fun to take my Javascript skills to the next level.  React is the leading library used currently for a reason I believe it can do just about anything.


I love coding in python due to the simplistic syntax.  I also love that something so simple can be so powerful.  Learning Flask and Django has been a lot like react and allowed me to really grow as a developer.

Schools, Self Taught Developer

Zero to Mastery, Udemy

Full Stak, completed 12-2022

App Brewery, Udemy

Full Stack, completed 12-2022


Ongoing classes and certifications

Further Skill Development


Front End

  • HTMS/CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwinds
  • Javascript, JQuery, React
  • Python, Flask, Django
  • Content Management, WordPress, Shopify
Back End
  • Javascript, Node.js, Express.js
  • Python, Flask, Django
  • SQL, Database structures
  • PHP


  • Version Control, Github
  • Cyber Security
  • API, Server requests
  • SEO, Marketing
  • Blockchain basics
  • Databases and rquests


  • Communication, Time Management
  • Problem Solving, Critical Thinking
  • Working under pressure
  • Dependable Work Ethic
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