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Website Development & Design

Wave Design will use our development skills to make your website stand out from your competition in an elegant and visual way while incorporating leading technology to make your website as functional and user friendly as possible.  Design techniques are used to make sure your site is very readable and has color schemes to match your company logo and desires.

Consultation and mock ups

Wave Design understands that as a business owner you only want to hire the best candidate for the job.  Wave Design is happy to prove we are the best fit with consultation and framework of what you desire prior to the work begining.  Our process starts with a questionair to help us understand what your website desires or scope of work needed would be followed by an in depth meeting with us to discuss pricing and length of project.  Consultations and idea generation at Wave Design are always at no cost to the customer.


Website Development

Wave design will use up to date web development skills to design a functioning website that offers everything a customer needs and more.  Designs can be from minimal designed, information only page to fully functional e-commerse multiple page website and more.  We use a professional contact form that gives us an indepth look into your company and desires before we begin so contact us today and we will email you the form to begin today.

Starting at $500

Website Support

Wave Deisgn offers support in any relevant web development areas at a resonable hourly rate.  Services include code/bug fixes, Security issues, Plug-ins, and simple updates.  Once a project reaches a certain level of work we are happy to quote a fixed prce if needed.

Starting at $40 per hr

Front End Development

As a Front end developer Wave Deisgn is happy to work on any platform our customers prefer, combined with an in depth knowledge of coding languages this is easily accomplished.  Wave Design will be happy to make reccomendations to new customers as to which platforms are more suited for their needs and what will work best for the future.

Starting at $40 per hr or fixed price

SEO & Brand Strategy

While a well designed, eye catching website is wonderful for any company it needs traffic to do the desired job of attracting customers.  With SEO, Search engine optimization, and branding strategy Wave Design will strive to make sure your new website is on its way quickly to gaining you more customers or viewers in the shortest time possible.

Website fixes and debuging

Wave Design is a fully functional web development company and able to fix older websites and bring them up to modern well valued sites.  Wave Deisgn is able to fix problems with code that is no longer functioning properly or needs to be updated.  These projects can occasionally be simple fixes but can also be very in depth projects thus Wave Deisgn has pricing options for both.  Consultations are always Free for any Website work we do.

Starting at $40 per hr

Affiliation and APIs

As business owners we do better together rather than separate. With affiliations Wave Design can connect your company with others that have similar passion or products and gain passive income in the process.  With understanding of correct APIs wave deisgn will help connect your website with the desired digital leaders to draw more customers and build your business.  Contact us today for more information.

Starting at $200

Email Marketing and Advertising

Email marketing is a wonderful way to grow your business and when done correctly requires a minimal effort on your part.  Wave Design works with top flight services to allow your website to grow an email customer list where you can send information, promos, and sales at a moments notice to a large number of customers as often as you choose.  Wave design has experience in marketing along with social media intigration to help your company grow.  Contact us today and we will help design a wonderful marketing strategy for your company.

Starting at $40 per hr, fixed price for campaigns

SEO and Marketing

SEO like many aspects of webistes can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with its function and techincal lingo associated with this field.  SEO is simply how will your website rank with search engines such as bing or google combined with drawing views to your website.  Wave Design will be happy to help you in this area and bolster your rankings to help you stand our from the competition.  There are many ways to accomplish this and Wave Deisgn prefers to be much more in depth with our customers for a better understanding of this field due to the vitality of it for any business.

Starting at $40 per hr

Website Redesign or new projects

Deluxe Full Service Website Package

Wave Design strives to stand appart from other designers and developers in offering inclusive packages that cover wegsites from begining to end and not just the basic start up package where the owner, you, is responsible for a huge learning curve of how to make a website useful and profitable.

  • Free Quote and Consultation.
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis.
  • Current website or social acount analysis.
  • Designed with target clients in mind.
  • Optemized for SEO and Analytics.
  • Incorporated Blogs, Advertisements, and Affiliate links for static income.
  • Owner training in dept and knowlegable from a beginner perspective.
  • Continued Support and site management if needed.

4 step process

Define Goal

Wave Deisgn will work with you and your company to define exactly what you would like out of a company website. Everything needed from design and images to functionality and desired extras.


Wave Design begin to design your new website with quality and professionalism along with a punctual timely manner.  Wave Design has several times built into our design process to confer with you and your company making sure our ideas for design align with yours and adjust as needed.


Once the design and layout of new website is completed Wave Design will set up a final conference meeting to discuss last minute changes before the site goes live.  This meeting will be in-depth and cover all aspects of the website as well as set up time for owner training after site is live to help you with minor changes should you wish later on.


Once completed your new site will be published and be visible to the public.  Wave design will continue to work with you or your company to train your company how to utelize the site to its full ability as well as how to keep track of traffic and make changes as you see fit.

Brandon Whaley

Brandon Whaley


Website Developer with years of experience being and entrepreneur working in various fields.  Experienced as a salesman and marketing strategies.  Self taught developer with a desire to help companies reach ideal clients. Puncutal and dedicated to helping businesses succeed in reaching the ideal customers.

Rebekah Whaley

Rebekah Whaley

Business Manager

Rebekah is a graduate of American Public University school of business management.  Rebekah has a background in marketing as well and assists Wave Design in the business side of our company.