The basics, What is Bloging?

Bloging is simply a way for you to put information available to the public.  This does not have to be in depth information or even important but it is very helpful to a business.  Blogging is a newer phenomenon that has crept up in the past decade of the internet.  Think of blogging as a digital diary, for lack of a better term, for you or your company.  A blog for a company can be as simple as a news letter updating people about the office to as in depth as DIY projects and how to guides it is entirely up to the writer of the blog.  

Why do I or my company need a blog?

Everyone enjoys the benefit of reward for small pay off.  Blogging does this for the individual or the company without a doubt.  I am going to go into some brief detail as to how a blog can help a company or person increase income, generate interest or leads, help with SEO, and give readers a better view of the company.

1. Attract an Audience Blogging will attract an audience reguardless of what is being published even if it is simply a whats new with the company page this will still attract an audience.  People are regularly blogging about what happens in their every day life and getting paid for it.  It certainly helps if you have somehting to write abut but even mundane things can generate an audience.  Your new blog will also allow you to ask for emails to keep track of audience but at the same time track how many people you can gain as customers in a business setting.

2.  Who is the Professional?  People read a blog and instantly believe the reader is a professional to some degree or another.  Blogs have been compaired to the new business card of this digital age.  It adds a level of professionalism that your company may not have yet but would like to establish.  Write about what you know and what your company offers and readers will be drawn to you is the theory and it does work.

3.  Oppertunity  With a blog you have ample oppertunity to gain more business.  Share your knowledge and let the people who are interested in your product or services read about what you can do for them.  In any industry there are loads of information people are wanting to learn more about so use the oppertunity a blog creates to share insights into this to build a trusting customer before initial contact is even began.

4. The company story  Every company has a story they would like to share with customers.  Not many people start a company with no passion for what they do.  Blogging allows you to share the passion and goal of the company with your new clients even before they are clients.  This also allows you to weed out clients that are now right for your company.  Be honest with what you do and what you are hopeful to do for your clients.

5. SEO Boost  Search engine optimzation is a work that is all over the internet for business owners.  How does a blog help you might ask.  One way is it keeps fresh information on your website.  A new post shows up for search engines this makes your page and website seem newer to the search engines.  New is better to search engines it means your site is up to date which is a big thing for search engines.  Another bonus is that seach engines can now search for your posts as well as your page this allows you to show up in multiple areas.

6. Stand Out  If you are the competitor for a product or service that has a blog and your competitors do not there is a good chance you will be the one with more business.  Blogging is still a fairly new field so there is a good chance your competitors do not have the insight to start a blog yet.  Businesses are either growing or slowly dying.  Blogs have every oppertunity to help a business and very little down time if you can manage to write something about your company at least twice a week on average.

7. Make Money  Blogging is a way to generate passive income in a big way.  I’m sure whatever business you are in there are products you reccomend for clients to use on their own.  If you are not selling these products yourself why not still make money off of them?  this is done with affiliate marketing a simple link added to your page or blog to promote products.  Another way is to place ads on your website and blog page this pays you per bage view. Most of these will nto be huge returns unless you are blogging for a living which many are these days however they will help with rather small amounts of static income.  

To sum this all up if any or all of thses features appeal to you reach out to us at Wave Design and we can help you get started today with boosting your company with a new blog.