Responsive Website

If you are looking at purchasing a website at all you have more than likely heard the term responsive website or website responsiveness a lot.  What does this mean and how does it affect you? these are most likely the main questions you have about this term so lets see if we can clarify these questions.

What is website Responsiveness?  A responsive website in the most basic sense means that your website will work on all devices such as a laptop, a tablet, and a phone while changing the size and location of images and larger content to fit the smaller screens.  This may seem like a simple thing but think back to the last time you went to a website on your phone and it wouldn’t load or you only could see a corner of the page, odds are you didn’t give the business or site a lot of consideration.  This is mainly because we are so used to websites fitting whatever screen we are viewing them on, its a skill that is taken for granted however a lot of older or outdate website builders such as the DIY models a lot of time are not responsive which can mean lost revenue and customers. 

To answer the question how does it affect you, it simply decreases the odds your customers will want to view your content or contact you for further services.  Responsivness is such a run of the mill thing to the general public that they often dismiss a website that does not respond on a smaller screen.  It may seem like a small aspect of a website but it can be crucial to new cutsomers.  

When purchasing a website always make sure the builder or platform is responsive to all devices.  If you are in a situation where your current website is not contact a professional to help it may be a simple fix of something missed in the set up of the site or need a new platform all together.  

Look us up at and feel free to look at our site on multiple devices and you will see subtle differences in hwo our design layout changes but the content is still the same.  We hope this helps for any needing to know more about this web development aspect.