Digital marketing is the biggest marketing giant around and for good reason, with this many people spending hours on their phones, computer and other screens its a no brainer to advertise through the most popular media of the time. Pet related fields are an interesting niche to work in due to most of us prefer the tangible and real vs the digital. To help my clients understand the best ways of promoting animal and pet related products we have compiled a list of the top places to generate real traffic for your business.

  1. Facebook, yes it is a media giant in it self but this is one were people are spending multiple hours and multiple revisits daily. With pet related industry this is wonderful especially if you have a product that people can see change and grow whether it be a seed-plant, puppy-dog, egg-duckling. The pictures are worth a thousand clicks as it were.
  2. Twitter, same concepts as facebook in the growing factor but with twitter it can be a bit more tangible to your viewers in that most of these accounts have live video. We can essentially link the digital with the physical and draw in real customers.
  3. Instagram, seems to be a pattern but these three big social media platforms are invaluable to any pet related field to help with growth as well as sustainability. If your products are seasonal or time sensitive these platforms are wonderful to announce new products and catch the correct clients at the correct time.
  4. Google, arguably much bigger than the previous three combined however this is an essential part of any business. Google will validate your website and company as well as help link you to the other platforms acting like the glue that brings this all together.
  5. Bing, another great search engine that works well for advertising it is not as large as google but much less on the cost aspect as well. Bing is not one to be over looked but worth working with depending on the market of your products.